• Digital Automation Transformation

    Digital Automation Equipment

    Transforming Your Requirements into Tailored Automation Systems
    In today's dynamic global manufacturing landscape, innovative solutions are essential to address your unique business challenges while enhancing your competitive edge. Our expertise spans from simple to intricate machine solutions, designed to provide you with cost-effective and reliable custom automation equipment that bolsters your operational efficiency, profitability, and safety goals. Quite often, the solution might pleasantly surprise you.

    A Collaborative Approach to Achieving Automation Success
    At Kpam Engineering, we take pride in our ability to think beyond the ordinary, enabling our clients to outshine their competition. Blending unparalleled technical knowledge with a creative mindset has become synonymous with our reputation. Our aim is not only to employ innovative problem-solving skills to overcome challenges but also to leverage our proficiency in custom machine design and construction to unearth new automation prospects where repetitive processes prevail or human intervention has been the norm.

    We've partnered with a diverse array of businesses, ranging from highly automated enterprises using custom machinery to those new to automation seeking step-by-step guidance. Regardless of where your company stands on the automation spectrum, our 15+ years of experience in consulting, concept development, prototyping, design, and integration empowers us to provide the talent and resources needed to customize a contemporary solution that aligns perfectly with your requirements.

    Capabilities in Industrial Automation Equipment

    Kpam Engineering excels in designing, engineering, manufacturing, and retrofitting custom automation machines for intricate processes, harnessing the latest state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. Setting us apart from other custom machine builders, the Live team is also adept at programming equipment using your existing control platform, offering you the convenience of a single partner for all your industrial automation needs. It's worth noting that we started as the PLC experts!

    Whether we're enabling full-scale automation or automating a single process within your facility, our approach incorporates a blend of dependable off-the-shelf components along with CNC machined and 3D printed parts to craft custom equipment tailored to your precise requirements. Our expertise extends to a wide array of custom automation equipment, including:

    Chemino pharma Ltd Company overview
    Chemino pharma Ltd Company overview

    • Assembly Equipment
    • Medical Textile (Suture Tipping & Cutting)
    • Spoolers
    • Winders
    • Braiders
    • Test & Inspection Equipment
    • Material Handling
    • Induction Heating
    • Robotics
    And many more

    Tailored Machinery for Your Industry and Control Platform

    Every industry comes with its distinct manufacturing requisites and avenues for process enhancement and innovation. Our team of engineers is adept across current control platforms, as well as legacy systems, and has forged solutions for an expansive range of industry sectors, including:

    Chemino pharma Ltd Company overview

    • Manufacturing
    • Medical and Life Sciences
    • Fiber and Textiles
    • Food and Beverage
    • Water and Wastewater
    • Plastics Molding
    • Pharma & Biotech
    • Breweries

    Benefits of Tailored Automation Equipment

    Customized automated processes offer companies exceptional benefits, including:

    Manufacturing Cost Reduction:

    Automated equipment operates faster, more efficiently, and for extended durations compared to manual operations, enabling you to manage increased workloads and revenue.

    Accuracy and Improved Quality:

    Automated equipment ensures consistent production quality with high repeatability, minimizing errors and waste associated with manual tasks.

    Increased Safety:

    Utilizing automated machines minimizes the risk of employee injury by handling dangerous tasks, enhancing workplace safety.

    How Can We Assist You?

    Whether you seek an initial consultation, Skunkworks R&D, or have a specific custom automation project on the horizon, reach out to us at (866) PLC-GUYS. We're dedicated to supporting you from inception to completion, regardless of project size or complexity, because we're passionate about our work and proficient at what we do!"