• Streamlined SCADA Programming

    SCADA System Solutions Tailored to You

    Kpam Engineering's seasoned team of SCADA programmers understands that delivering clear information, intuitive system controls, and user-friendly navigation lie at the heart of exceptional SCADA/HMI programming. These factors ultimately drive operational efficiency and performance. What sets us apart is our commitment to designing to your standards – we never force you into a rigid mold. And if you're still establishing your standards, rest assured, we bring exceptional ones to the table. Either way, we handle the heavy lifting while ensuring your involvement every step of the way, ensuring a system you'll genuinely love.

    Selecting the Perfect SCADA System

    The SCADA system is the brain behind your automation setup, making the choice of the right system crucial. Often, the ability to monitor and control systems and processes isn't feasible for humans due to location, cost, or complexity.


    Whether you're implementing your first SCADA system, updating an existing one, or seeking an integration partner to help you navigate the myriad options, we're here to help. We'll explore the following factors to assist you in choosing the ideal SCADA system for your business:


    Compatibility with your existing hardware is key. We consider the equipment in place at your site(s) and ensure it aligns with your selected SCADA system.


    Your chosen system should support both your current and future needs, including expansions or increasing data-dependent users.


    Remember that quality counts. Initial costs may not reflect the long-term expenses. Consider inspection, maintenance, repair costs, and the potential impact of the proposed SCADA system on total operational costs.


    : A reputable, stable integrator is vital. The team implementing the system matters more than the platform itself, as they'll be responsible for troubleshooting, upgrades, and ongoing support.


    Address potential security risks by conducting a vulnerability assessment and implementing best practices to close any gaps.

    Experience in SCADA Integration Counts:

    With HMI/SCADA systems advancing and becoming more intricate, our engineering team collaborates with you to design, install, and monitor a comprehensive SCADA system. Proficient across various SCADA / HMI software programs, we've consulted on, designed, implemented, and supported numerous systems. We're integration partners for the following platforms:

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    • Siemens WinCC
    • Indusoft
    • Iconics
    • Rockwell Software
    • AVEVA (Wonderware)
    • GE Cimplicity, Proficy, Intellution

    Our expertise spans a range of industries, helping businesses achieve substantial savings of time and money in sectors such as:

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    • Nonwoven
    • Paper Manufacturing
    • Diaper and Wipes
    • Pharmaceutical Packaging
    • Food and Beverage
    • Energy
    • Manufacturing
    • Oil and Gas
    • Recycling
    And many more

    Advantages of SCADA / HMI Systems:

    Data-driven decisions propel businesses ahead. A robust SCADA system provides historical insights into automated systems, controlling machinery and processes via HMI. Benefits include:

    Maximum Productivity:

    SCADA's multi-level redundancy ensures constant communication and operation for maximum productivity.

    Improved Product Quality:

    SCADA analyzes and controls product quality using features like Statistical Process Control (SPC).

    Reduced Costs:

    Centralized SCADA reduces operating and maintenance costs.


    Easily integrate SCADA with business systems, enhancing production and decision-making.

    Capital Investment Protection:

    A well-designed, open SCADA system safeguards against obsolescence and scales as demands grow.

    How Can We Assist You?

    If you're considering a new SCADA system or need an evaluation of your existing one, give us a call for a chat. We'll find the best way to make your life a little easier. Contact us at
    +1 267 949 5726.