• Automation Upgrading, Retrofitting & Migration

    Mitigating Obsolescence Risks in Industrial Control Systems
    Automation systems, like all technologies, have a finite lifespan. As technology evolves, older systems may become outdated, presenting challenges for businesses. With the rapid retirement of experienced personnel, the need to address obsolescence risk becomes even more urgent. Our approach is to collaborate with clients to determine the optimal strategy for their situation, be it retrofitting, complete system upgrading, or transitioning to newer technology. Experienced control engineers ensure these processes are seamless, providing enhanced security and integration into existing operations.

    Efficient and Cost-Effective PLC Retrofit Solutions
    Aging PLC controls often suffer from discontinued components or scarcity of replacement parts. This situation can lead to significant downtime. Retrofitting is a remedy, involving the replacement of old components with new ones, resulting in a more stable system and potential performance enhancements.

    Our retrofitting process starts with an evaluation of organizational goals and technical requirements. Live Automation guides you in selecting suitable equipment and handles the engineering, installation, and commissioning stages. We offer a range of options, including upgrading drives, replacing membrane keypad HMIs with touchscreens, and incorporating additional buttons when needed.

    Benefits of Retrofitting

    When faced with aging or obsolete hardware and software, the instinct might be to overhaul the entire industrial control system. However, retrofitting can offer an alternative that provides the following benefits:

    Whether we're enabling full-scale automation or automating a single process within your facility, our approach incorporates a blend of dependable off-the-shelf components along with CNC machined and 3D printed parts to craft custom equipment tailored to your precise requirements. Our expertise extends to a wide array of custom automation equipment, including:

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    Retrofitting minimizes the need for repairs by using readily available and supported components, reducing the risk of expensive downtime.


    Newer components tend to be smaller, saving valuable panel space.


    Upgraded components offer improved energy efficiency compared to older counterparts.


    Retrofitting often leads to improved functionality. Live Automation can address process optimization during the retrofitting process.

    Upgrading or Migrating PLC and HMI Systems

    When an upgrade or migration becomes necessary for long-term success, our expertise in various automation platforms sets us apart. We are proficient in supporting a wide range of PLC platforms, both current and legacy:

    • Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation)
    • Siemens
    • Omron
    • GE Intelligent Platforms
    • Automation Direct
    • Mitsubishi
    • And more

    Retrofitting and Upgrading Across Industries

    • Nonwoven
    • Paper
    • Pharmaceuticals
    •Diaper and Wipes
    • Medical
    • Textile
    • Wastewater
    • Food and Beverage
    • Security & Detention
    • Pulp and Paper
    • And Many More!

    How Can We Assist You?

    Whether you require complete modernization or phased migration, we are equipped to meet your needs. Avoid the risks of obsolescence in your industrial control systems, such as unplanned downtime, high repair costs, limited network options, increased production errors, and compromised safety. Find the ideal solution for your needs.
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