• Innovative Automation Design and Construction

    Exploring Process Automation: Research, Concept Development, and Prototyping

    Innovation. Speed. Unconventional solutions. It's a familiar scenario – having a brilliant idea without a clear roadmap for its execution (or maybe you have the plan but lack the right partner to bring it to life.) Every remarkable project commences with an idea, requiring a specialized team dedicated to turning that concept into reality. Live Automation has guided numerous clients from concept to production, and we're here to guide you too.

    Advocates for Your Vision

    Whether conceiving novel products that are yet to exist or devising processes to surpass current technological boundaries, our team of engineers stands out for their exceptional technical prowess, creative flair, and adept problem-solving skills. Together, they transform ideas into solutions within a remarkably short timeframe. We're poised to research, prototype, and test your concept (we can even assist in shaping the concept) within our facility.

    Our commitment rests in your team, your project, and its purpose. Often, innovative ideas and early R&D projects may not be as evident to outsiders as they are to insiders. At this stage, these initiatives require a champion to shepherd them through subsequent development phases.

    Innovative Automation Design and Construction

    To Prototype or Not to Prototype?

    Frequently, our R&D and prototype clients approach us with ideas, seeking a knowledgeable partner to elevate their concepts. The initial stages of new product development hold substantial potential to impact innovation outcomes. Do you require 3D printing, animated solid models, or simulated control systems? Prototypes play a pivotal role in exploring diverse concepts, diminishing technical uncertainties. When a prototype substantiates an idea's value, there's an unparalleled sense of accomplishment.

    Live Automation boasts a collection of cutting-edge composite 3D printers from Markforged, capable of producing in Nylon, Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, and Fiberglass. If a prototype can't be 3D printed, our well-equipped machine center – featuring Haas CNC Mills, Trak CNC Lathe, Mini Mill, and numerous manual machines – could likely fabricate it in metal. Feel free to contact us for a print sample.

    Evaluation and Design Testing

    Ideas and design sketches can often differ significantly from the real-world context where the product will operate. Prototyping allows us to interact with an actual version of the product, unveiling its strengths and pinpointing areas for revision or refinement. This process may reveal oversights that remained unnoticed on paper.

    Assessing Costs and Issues

    Prototyping before production grants insight into the production process, enabling us to optimize, combine, or eliminate steps. This streamlines production and minimizes associated costs.

    How Can We Collaborate?
    Explore our tried-and-true process for customized automation success and witness how we can materialize your concept. We embrace challenges – throw any at us. We thrive on solving them! Call (267) 768-8538 to initiate a conversation.